Friday, 23 August 2013

A Book's Due, I Say

I’m wondering now as to what will happen next to the duo.

Seven years is a fairly long period of time to be reminiscing over the whole thing and with all the speculations brewing with no closure in sight, Azilah and Sirul should get a ghostwriter to put pen to paper.

But seriously, we should have seen their release coming, shouldn’t we?

So many mis-or-non directions were made during the trial - something which the Court of Appeal addressed in its judgment – that would have made any conviction unsafe anyway.

And, as The Malaysian Insider paraphrased it: The court also found that the trial judge made no finding on whether the prosecution has established that there was a pre-arranged plan by the appellants to commit murder.

Is this in reference to the motive thingy? On the "WHY?"?

More legal-centric minds would be able to decipher this. 

So, what now?

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