Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Token Prayers

I received news of former colleague M Husairy Othman’s death via an FB posting of fellow friends last night.

Husairy was pretty much an out and out journalist of old; with a good knack for coming out with great news pieces from the most mundane of everyday tit bits.

Like me, he was also a former Sun reporter before working with NST. We sort of rejoined, urm, colleague-ness after I opted to join the then-newly opened Malay Mail Ipoh branch back in 2004.

The last memory etched in my mind of Husairy was the “professional dispute” we had on a particular assignment which I strongly thought was way too slanted and too partisanship to be given much weight and coverage, to which he disagreed.

I covered the function all the same as I know reporters are supposed to be objective anyway.

Just felt that I had to speak my mind as it was during the whole ding dong days when Perak went without a state government after Barisan Nasional lost its majority to the then loosely set up Pakatan Rakyat.

I left NST soon after that on the pretext of joining my better half who got a job in Shah Alam. Truth was I couldn’t stomach the one-sidedness of NST anymore.

I digress.

As far as I can tell, Husairy’s commitment in getting frontpage / leadpage news items was second to none.

Perhaps it was because of this passion that he smoked like a chimney, drinks hard when he did and had his fair share of info-kakis of dubious nature in his pursuit of stories.

We were not that close, but there was still a pang of sadness when I read of his passing away.

RIP Bro. I will sedekah an Al Fatihah every now and then as I do to my other friends who have passed the mortal coil much earlier.

Hope this token prayer reaches you in the afterlife.

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