Thursday, 19 July 2012

Mismatched Gaffe

Good for a short guffaw this.

Apparently the Cabinet has agreed for a Cabinet Committee “aimed at resolving the 'serious' conflict between Putrajaya, Syabas and the Selangor government.”

Announcing this, Energy, Green Tech and Water Minister Peter Chin was quoted as saying, probably in all seriousness, that the committee “…will tackle the issues in a holistic manner."

What means holistic?

Holey Moley? Supercalifragilistic? Holier than thou?

The Cabinet Committee on the Serious Water Conflict is to be led by Muhyiddin Yassin and  the chairs filled by (drum roll, please), Agri and Agro Industry’s Noh Omar, FT and Urban Wellbeing’s Raja Nong Chik and Pemandu Head Honcho Idris Jala.

There will be no invites to the seriously in conflict Selangor state government in this holistically set-up Committee to seriously settle at least two serious issues of water rationing proposal by Syabas and the planned takeover of the alleged seriously delinquent company by the State government.

Seriously shitty stuff here, really.

We’ll see eventually where this will bring us vis a vis the Syabas – Selangor state government water saga.

I’m not holding my breath any longer that needed to recover from the LOL short session (a longer one is seriously not warranted anyway)  as it is clear that one party wants something which the other adamantly doesn’t want to give.

In the meantime, expect more “serious news” to come our way.

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