Monday, 30 July 2012

Merdeka Hopes Derailed Still

It has been a while now since I have ever enjoyed a real pang of patriotism come Merdeka Day celebrations.

This year’s promises to be no less a bummer of an event with already the federal government courting controversy by insisting in using a politically charged slogan as the Merdeka theme as well as an equally disturbing theme song.

The lame Merdeka logo debacle has yet to die its Malaysian death and here we hear that the song is not only ciplaked but ciplaked from our ever friendly neighbour with a fair dose of religiosity to boot…

Never mind the bodek-strong lyrics...

What are we: a bunch of sado - masochists or something? Or is someone trying to make a statement here?

(Wonder if the song will also die a sudden death just it the ill-fortuned mish mash of promotional statement masquerading as a logo cousin?)

We all know that the god-knows-when-its-gonna-be-called 13th General Elections has got everyone at the precipice but why can’t for once politics is chucked out from the equation?

Is it too tall an order to ask for a non partisan Merdeka Celebrations this year?

Alas, far too late a hope.

Merdeka: Redux

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