Monday, 27 June 2011

Hoodie Doodie, the Yeller Submarinee

Green is a mixture of blue and yellow
Like a mango, at first green before going ripe and yellow
Or the Durian, so smackingly great, its flesh a goo-ish yellow
Never take a pineapple, unless its skins has turned plane, turned yellow

The Beatles once had a yellow submarine
They were cautioned – a yellow card, no less - for posing on the street
While the cars zoom pass, a yellow VW Beetle in the lead
Lo, the traffic lights turned yellow, it was first in line

Passing time, “That Yellow Bastard” artwork glanced
Brought as a TPB secondhand, pages yellow with time
Outside, the snow was falling, Yellowhammers chirping
Atop a man’s head-topping hat; standing silent, could he be a mime?

Stop for a while; says the police donning a yellow jacket
A limo’s passing through a yellow crest entourage blanketed
A right royally someone, yell ow loud a bloke behind
Hiding in the crowd, eh, not daring, a bloody coward*

Elsewhere, will there be a sea of yellow
All races, religions, gender, all fellows
Wanting to carry a prayer for a better tomorrow
In the face of bullies, ever wanting to come to blows

Lemons, then
Lemonade, thus
Drink it, in thirst
While the rest of us, wait, anxious…

* eponymous, I'd say

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