Monday, 20 June 2011

Clownish Lunkheads

There are books I do not read alone at night and one of them is Stephen King’s “It”.

The murderous and downright horrific "Bob Gray" a.k.a. "Pennywise the Dancing Clown" in the novel is simply the stuffs of nightmares for children and adults alike.

Casting a clown as the antagonist was certainly a masterstroke for King. He probably knew right off that it’s an image that would stick in the dark recesses of the mind longest.

Right from the very first few pages, King hypnotically leads you to visit the horror of a malevolent creature that is “It”.

A clown. Imagine that.

Then there’s also Batman’s Joker. While not a clown in the clownish sense of the clowns’ world, the Joker still loves clowning around.

Far too many to list, some good examples of his murderous spree could be sampled in Frank Miller’s excellent "Dark Knight Returns", Alan Moore’s “The Killing Joke”, Neil Gaiman’s “Arkham Asylum” as well as Jim Starlin’s “A Death in the Family”.

Now, we have one right here at home.

Why this clown is being given a free rein of socking everyone who doesn’t accede to his view of what things should be is a BIG question mark.

Anyone else who does and says what this clown does and says would probably be swiftly straight-jacketed and thrown headfirst into a pvc-lined private asylum with a bowl for potty and no television throughout the stay.

I mean, WTFH is the authorities doing? Resting on their platinum / gold / bronze / silver laced balls, are they?

What? Still "Kita kena kaji", is it?

What kind of a country are we turning into when there is a “them” and an “us” and whatever the “us” do is right, fine and dandy not matter what.

Clowning around is fine when you’re in a circus and the bowling ball falling on your green-streaked hair is made of foam.

Is our country a big, fat, bleeping circus?

Cos it sure smacks (pun fully intended in a most sarcastic manner possible) like one.

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