Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Zooming Dreams

Once upon a time, I almost bought a car solely on its looks – a fastback Mazda Lantis.

The price was just about right at around RM50k, there was no major blemish to car’s exterior, the interior was clean and the Lantis simply looked fast even when stationary.

I was even ready to forgive its rather tight cockpit, but the laughable boot was a concern. An equally tight financial standing then put paid to any dreams of zoom zooming (sorry, just couldn’t resist this pun) in a poor man Alfa Romeo or something likewise.

Anyway, we ended up buying another car based on its looks alone, and THAT ended a huge disaster which has since put me of the brand forever.

Now, the car bug is back and I’m eyeing again the offerings in the second hand car market.

The wonderful world of the Internet means that I don’t actually need to hop from one dealer to another; not when sites like CarSifu makes the initial window shopping so easy.

Unlike those days of old when all you could rely on were words – one owner, no accident, showroom looks(!) – online window shopping allows you to actually view the cars in all their glory.

Of course, nothing beats seeing it in the metal once you’ve zeroed in on the possible. Running your hands on the flanks, tap tapping the bodyshell and the interior plastics to make sure nothing falls off without even the car being driven in anger; those kinds of pleasure.

Again it’s the Mazda that entices – this time around the Mazda5 midi MPV. Midi, I suppose, because they are just able to fit 7 in relative comfort and still allow some meagre space for shopping bags and other nit nats as oppose to the real MPV.

Sleek lines, looks smaller than it actually is and, just like the Lantis a few years ago, the 5 seems fast even when static and parked.

Again, realities of buying second hand intrude – maintenance, worn out parts and components replacement etc – do mean that this would still be a window shopping spree.

With the cost of living escalating like nobody’s business, it would remain so for the time being.

Zoom zoom dreams revisited, in other words.

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