Friday, 6 May 2011

Anonymous Thoughts

I wonder
Whose eye I saw the world
Whose words I hold true
Whose guide leads me forth
Whose beliefs I adopt and follow

Wasn’t it
You who nourished me
For weeks on ends
Selfish me, safe within
While you toiled, and sustain

Did I
Make nuisance a habit
A careless, sulky infantile
Throwing tantrums every so forth
While you smirked and roll your eyes

Have I
Ever moved you to tears
Hurtful words, neglectful acts
Expressive disdain over things mundane
Crushing hearts with hatred sustained

Could I (ever)
Bring the world to you
A cascade of joyful times
Buckets of grateful feelings
Cherished moments that just keep lasting

I wish
I knew the answers still
To read your mind hear your thinking
To save all memories for ease of retrieving
A threaded path to life, one worthy of living

It’s your day, mother
So, a world of love
From a son so smothered
Always indebted forever cared

You were
Always there…

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