Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Slippery Stepovers

“The present prime minister, by training, by education, by upbringing, is most suited amongst Umno leaders to implement progressive and modern changes to the country. But he will not get the support from the many layers of extremists within his party.”

Well, there you go.

So much for hoping somebody could step up to fill the void in leadership for the country, as yet another greaser steps into the fray.

Am wondering why Zaid is in such a rush to prop up the Prime Minister with the above grandiose pronouncement?

Call a spade a spade, for goodness sake.

If the Prime Minister hasn’t the balls to stand up to the extremist in his party, he is of not much use to the country now, would he?

Thus far, the Prime Minister has made a whole lot of yak and not too many of the do.

Are we saying the country just needs to be yakked along to greater heights? A yak yak and a yak yak there and everything’s fine and dandy?

Perhaps I am reading too much in generalities, as the KITA main man (nice one, pun fully intended) did slip in “amongst Umno leaders” which narrows the scope and span considerably.

Sigh… I digress.

While I am neither too fond of the yahoos in the PR line up too, several notables personalities have shown certain steel in offering some hope to the nation.

Nurul Izzah, for example, have shown some good sense in her statements – the blip in her congratulatory message to the Malaysian Tigers notwithstanding – of late.

Fortunately for her, a MSM in The Sun in giving her space to say her piece other than the online ones.

Being the daughter of a former DPM does invoke the “by upbringing bit”, but she has certainly stepped out from his shadow.

About time, I say.

SOMEBODY needs to.

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