Monday, 10 January 2011

Demon Speedsters

“The Road Transport Department has deployed plainclothes officers across the country to keep tabs on bus drivers.”

Reverse psychology is it, Dear Mr. Transport Minister? So that bus drivers will be wary of committing fouls like speeding?

After all, they won’t know if there is actually A plainclothes RTD officer around taking notes (actual notes, mental notes, any kind of notes?) of breaches in safety protocols “like overtaking illegally, using their mobile phones while driving or speeding."

What of speeding lorries and trailers? No plainclothes to act as boogey man for them?

Some years ago, there were talk of putting in speed limiters into all these heavy vehicles, but this idea was shot down. One of the reason put was that drivers could as easily bypass and tweak the speed limiter thingy (pardon my technical deficiency) to render it useless.

In place, what was mooted was an airplane black box system, which also didn’t take off and finally – at least according to this Malay Mail article – operators (express bus services, methinks) have opted for a “more sophisticated speed limiter and GPS system”.

Must be the reasons why buses and lorries can zoom past us these days on the highways with such impunity…

I wonder at what speed the speed limiter is set at. 230km/h?

Am wondering, too, what happened to all those enquiries, reports and what not of previous tragic accidents involving heavy vehicles? Gathering dust somewhere, maybe?

I see so many drivers these days taking the safer approach when confronted with the speeding road demons. Just give them the widest of berth and hoped that they will speed their way off our radar.

Safety first.

So what if the law breakers are given a free reign?


Where's a hero when you need one*, eh?

*With thanks to Bonnie Tyler.

Reality's sacrier

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