Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Yaking Yaks

I have discovered another reason why we are stuck in the land of the middle-incomers.

We YAK a whole lot but do too little.

The Star had this headline on Tuesday March 23 shouting: “Apply online for Year One” and I thought to myself: "Finally."

I however rejoiced too soon without taking into account the “We YAK a lot but do too little” syndrome.

As I try to log on this morning, a blank, thoroughly white, page stared back at me with the teeniest bits of alphabets spelling: “The service is unavailable.”

Browser-sensitive apps, perhaps? Nope, it was the same on Explorer.

I mean, what gives Edu hombres? (I shall restrain myself from saying WTF here).

The report had all the right (ahem) hypes – “more efficient”, “reduce cost”, “check online”, “appeal online” - BLA BLA BLA. See: We do YAK a whole lot.

Bloody Naif Malaysian Malay Chap; that’s who I am.

Our PM, NTR yesterday announced quite a whole lot of things a whole lot of Malaysians have come to know for quite some time now. At least I think so.

Still, they do make good reading because these are finally in print.

Especially resounding is the bit about “the Government would no longer tolerate practices that support the behaviours of rent-seeking and patronage”.

We are talking about those who thrive through a combination of charm, some perceived (or actual) connections with the who’s who and a whole lot of “butt-kipas’ing” talents without having to put in the actual work, aren’t we?

(Yes, I do think that butt kipas’ing is talent based. Either you have it or you don’t.)

A query, though: Is the government frowning on the practices that support the behaviours, the act of rent seeking and patronage or the rent seekers and patronage(rs)?

Furthering the advancement of something removes the responsibility of actually advancing the something, mind you.

The Sun report has another weird bit.

In its “Planning for a high-income economy” under the Inclusive sub-heading is the following: “No Malaysian lives in poverty. Our first priority must be to eradicate poverty, irrespective of race.

Exactly whose poverty are we talking about here, eh if “No Malaysian lives in poverty”?

A way too literal translation, perhaps?

I am not going to nitpick the NEM (love all these acronyms!) as the whole plan is quite positive in its objectives and visions.

Just like the so-called “Apply online for Year One” thingy: All great stuff for us.

Alas, as the highly clich├ęd saying goes: “The proof is in the pudding.”

Or in our context: the kuih lapis, bingka, et cetera.

C’est la vie.

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