Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Oh-Not-So Mighty?

Ultimate Thor
Read this interesting news piece in today’s New Straits Times Online.

A woman stands alone at the top of the commercial crimes police wanted list, after allegedly conning several celebrities and prominent people of a staggering total of RM432 million.

She is 31-year old Rohaniza Aladib who had allegedly “sweet talked” artistes and a wife of a Tan Sri, amongst others, on her way to the millions.

RM432 million is a whole lot of money to transact that you’d have to wonder where this sum is stashed.

Under her pillow (laced, velvety silk cover, of course!) perhaps? One of the super secretive Swiss Banks, maybe?

How long did it take for her to pile up the millions? Didn’t anyone notice?

According to NST, Rohaniza is believed to have absconded to Australia with the money.

She fled WITH the money in tow?

However she did it, Rohaniza has managed to overshadow even the monstrosity that is the PKFZ scandal in the NST news piece in terms of importance. Imagine that, eh?

It’s something like a shared byline of a junior reporter who added one para – but what a captivating paragraph it is! – in a front page news item.

(It’s one bad metaphor, I know…)

Funny how the billion Ringgit PKFZ scandal is now buried under the radar – what’s with the multitude of allegedly small-fry (Madam Phang being the exception) charging in court, civil suits, you-name-it we-have-it Reports et cetera…

So much so that even its mention – it was a mere mention – was stuck inside a Rohaniza’s story para.

Technicalities of viewing in non standard Internet browsers, mayhap (to borrow from good ol Norse mythology phrasal..)?

Ah… I digress, then.

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