Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Flaunt Snubbing

RM40,000 for a limited edition handbag. RM800,000 Merc. RM200,000 wristwatch.

Wow. What a crass, crude show of wealth. Talk about having and flaunting it, eh?

I wonder what was playing on the mind of the editors concerned when they decided to go ahead with this kind of “news”.

Granted, this is showbiz, and flaunting is part and parcel but there are many who are wont to this kind of showy-ness.

Footballer Theo Walcott girlfriend Melanie Slade, for a recent example, turns down a Ferrari he'd given her as a birthday present.

"She was embarrassed her uni mates knew she had a car worth so much when some students struggle to have enough money to eat," quoted the Sun.

You go girl!

Not many people would have done the same. Would you if the same car was presented to you?

(I'd probably sell it off, used the cash to buy something else which is less flashy and put the rest of the money into my ASB.

After all, our punitive duties would mean that the same car is millions here instead of the 140K price tag in the UK. So there is much more moollah to be had if ever a Ferrari is presented to you.

Melanie already drives a Beetle and I supposed for her: a car is a car is another car that gets you places.

Theo is, by the way, an Arsenal and England winger who happens to be amongst those footballers who earns quite a bit, and probably don't really know what to do with all that excess sums of money.

Being philanthropic seemed somehow not so much in the good books of these young millionaires.

Unless, that is, they do so without being seen or being in the limelight.

Something like what Juan Sebastian Veron (the former Man United so-called flop) is currently doing at Argentinian football club Estudiantes.

Showbiz, eh?

Ferrari California

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