Thursday, 21 January 2010

Constantine-ous Defiance

I’ve finally succumbed to my eldest daughter’s insistence in watching a movie at the cinema and off the whole family went to catch Alvin and the Chipmunks 2.

(We wanted to see Disney’s "The Princess and The Frog" but, alas, the show’s run had already ended. )

As many would probably agree, the “coming soon” trailer that precedes a movie is part of the fun of going to cinemas as opposed to lounging at home.

Alvin being a kiddie show and all, I was sure the cinema would not let slipped a non PG rated trailer but on came a gold and red armour-suited Robert Downey Jr with a sexy blond atop a building.

Fortunately, the trailer itself was pretty much U rated so there weren’t any awkward “Q&A” or “Eww” moments, and the sisters were more engrossed with popcorn to watch anyway.

I counted my blessing afterwards as they could have well shown “Legion” with its maggoty steak, wall-crawling granny and gun-toting “Angel” – all of which would’ve given them sleepless nights.
Pegg, Simon
By the way, a two-page feature appeared in The Star today on “Legion”.

Am I drawn to watch it? Nope. Never been a great fan of either the theologically slanted nor horror movie genre.

Furthermore, the movie takes itself way too seriously from the brief snips provided by its trailer.

Curious, though, as to how this one slips our usually conservative Censorship Board, but I suspect this is probably due to its Christianity-orientated storyline.

The movie features (if I am not mistaken) two “Angels” - Michael and Gabriel – with the former supposedly defying the coming of the Apocalypse.

It sort of reminded me of Keanu Reeves’ “Constantine” where Gabriel was also a prominent “cast” in the movie based on DC’s Vertigo "Hellblazer" series.

Movies like these will always get you in a bind if you really engrossed into reading between the lines, looking at meanings and picking out symbolism.

Big IF there, actually, since no one – at least hardly anyone I know – goes to movies to search for the meaning of life and what not.

Explaining to the younger ones would however be a far more tedious and difficult task especially if you’re are yourself NOT a 100% solid in your theological (religious) studies.

I suppose people will still watch “Legion”, but some others will be put off with the crass commercialisation of sacred concepts(for want of a better word).

Me? I’d rather sit through Simon Pegg’s excellent “Shaun* the Dead” re-run(s).

No pretense of greatness there, you see.

Just plain wit.

Or twit, in Pegg’s case.

*Not to be mistaken with the hilarious sheep bearing the same name.

The Sheep

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