Monday, 21 December 2009

Sacrificing Something Sacred

If MCKK was to be open to non-Malays, later the girls will want entrance. Then extremists will want everything non-Malay to be shared. There will be no end to it.

Shocking, isn't it? Are we in a time warp or something here?

Some things are Sacred, Personal” is something that appeared today in the New Straits Times "Letters to the Editor".

(I hardly ever buy the NST these days. Mostly this stems from the paper not carrying loads of ads on (most–of-the-time-phony) $ale$ et cetera.)

Non-Malays. Girls. Extremists. Words with chauvinistic nuances in a single written paragraph.

Good One(On a curious note: Why in heaven’s name would anyone not from MCKK want to be an Old Boy's in the first place?)

I have been at MCKK several times, and sadly, it has not managed to uphold it’s often cited brilliant past. Not a relic, but it has seen better days.

Reading the letter above makes me wonder why the Editors let this one through.

Perhaps a highlight in the kind of prejudiced thinking that goes through some of us?

The existence of such “focused” schools and institutions should not represent a problem where race relations and national unity are concerned had the national schooling system been better managed.

MCKK is hardly unique with many of the country’s schools going the racial and cultural route.

My daughter’s class, for example, has not a single non-Malay student whom she could befriend.

Just when could we learn about each other, then?

Not helping matters are adults who seemed focused in imparting their prejudices to the young minds.

Like above.

Charlize Theron


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