Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Oh To Be Financially Reckless

One fine day of book-window-browsing, I chanced upon two books on paintings – one on Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (July 15, 1606 – October 4, 1669) and the other, Nelson Alexander "Alex" Ross (born January 22, 1970).

Had I still been the financially reckless young man I was years ago, the latter would now be a part of my collections.

Alas, it carried a somewhat hefty price tag.

(A few Ringgits short of RM200, admittedly.

Peanuts, of course, unless you factor the fact that Alex Ross paints comic characters – great looking ones notwithstanding.

The Rembrandt was RM59, but my heart was on Ross' “Mythology”, so I did what my brain said was the right thing to do: I walked off with neither.

On hindsight, the Rembrandt would have made a fine addition to the one I have on Vincent Van Gogh.

It would however also be a reminder of my missing out on the book I really wanted.

Perhaps, saving some money for the purchase? Maybe even both?

Realistically, that would not be possible unless my boss decides that I have been a good worker deserving of some extra in his paycheck.(Amin to that.)

The thing about missing out on things which you “chanced” upon is this: it is often one where you would be rankling yourself later on when they're gone.

You have to admit this sort of thing happens quite a few times.

In an age where the e-book is gathering pace and popularity amongst readers, these “coffee-table” editions remain a strong bastion against their digital cousins.

I wonder how long more before they go extinct?

Alas, the relatively high prices of books here do not help further the cause of reading.

My mind keeps wandering to our southern neighbor where AR's “Mythology” could well be priced within a range which I can safely shell out dollar notes without too much guilt.

I just hope that when I do have some extra, it would still be nestled in the shelves.

Will it?

Alex Ross' Wonder Woman.

Fine art


izinni said...

What an irony kan? the government want its people to read .. based on the ads on tv about a bunch of 'rakyat' in the LRT reading all kinds of books etc. tapi masa budget hari tu takde pun sebut pasal anything to help publishers to print more books, import more good books or anything like that. something or anything to lower the price of books in the country. sebab rebate RM500 income tax (betul ke ni?) tu mana cukup. nak beli buku kena kumpul duit and fikir 2,3 kali. sighhh ... yang ada funds for those in the entertainment industry. hmmm ...

Raison D'etre said...

Set set baca tak banyak ngundi kut..