Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Preve-sieve Thoughts

If Proton is made private by its new owner, is it still categorically a national car?

Will the nation still be needed to “help out” a privately-owned Proton?

Proton’s going private is the latest in a string of going-private-moves in Malaysia Inc.  and I supposed this shouldn’t be of any concerned to us lay-non corporate-movers-man on the street.

Unless Proton is still very much a national category brand with all the national car benefits and what not, that is.

Really: what does going private mean anyway?

All I know is that you don’t need to answer to anyone as the company / corporation is bloody yours to do as you will and pleases. Correct?

Some corporate-world savvy bloggers must surely be able to enlighten us on this one.

The relationship between Proton and the lay person goes a long way ever since the car-maker and sometimes assembler made its debut a long time ago in 1983 with its Proton Saga.

Alas, what was initially set up as a Malaysia automotive tour-de force is today much maligned by its detractors who blamed Proton for its part in skyrocketing the price of automobiles in this country.

Comparatively, that is: cherries and pisang nangka comparison at best.

One thing that does stand out is its inability to force its way into the International arena unlike, for example, its Korean counterpart Hyundai.

Arguably though, Hyundai did come into the scene much earlier in 1967 and made international market headway in the 1980’s. It is going great guns these days, together with its stable-mate Kia.

Back to Proton: What will it take for the brand to make its global breakthrough?

It is pushing the mass-market envelope with latest offering in the Proton Prevé  which is priced just borderline-competitive in the C-Segment for us locals.

As for me, it’s always a case of once twice shy when it comes to Proton as I’ve had the worst of experience with a lemony of an acquisition of the Proton Gen2.

Suffice to say, my better half swears off the maker for life. Me: I still give some kudos to Proton designers although the Prevés rear lights mirror (heh) that of the previous City a fair bit.

Is the Prevé it for Proton?  Or is making Proton private it?

Or don’t we care anymore?


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