Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Pawns, Surely

His muscles strained but move he dared not
Propping a hefty wall crumbling on shoulders ached
A mixture of caked blood and stinky sweat so hot
Legs ramrod in vain support of knees gone brittle

Just beyond an earshot he hears the stammer of people yakking
Of taking steps, on sparking initiatives, in writing hurtful missive
He would love to pry this man of desperate positioning
If only he could, a hiatus from a violent act so aggressive

He grimaced in pain as his aggressor stomped harder
Each jump on the boulder accompanied by a guttural laughter
Uncaring that there is a person beneath of similar feature
Much less important that he is no more a distant brother

His tears no longer flow this man tortured
As he eyed figures, small, huddled together
One male, the other female, siblings that much clear
Their mom, nowhere seen, having been torn asunder

He holds on still, accepting an ending fated so sure
While neighbors oblivious to all but their interests continues their chatter

The wall shudders
As mortar crumbles...

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