Monday, 12 October 2009

Voltronic Principles

What if there is truly a TRUE Barisan Nasional?

One where Umno needs no longer countenance the woes the likes of MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP, IPF, bla bla.

Right now, many components parties in Barisan Nasional are justifiably pale shadows of whatever formerly glorious political parties that they were.

Barisan Nasional Chief Najib Tun Razak could just wake up one fine day and decide: I will consolidate everyone under the sole banner of the Barisan Nasional and save myself the headache of micro management.

(Of course, this is only a Peninsular Malaysia-centric what if scenario, mind you. The Sabahan and Sarawakian are forces in their own respective right that such a move would mean immediate political death to any such aspirations.)

A leader of this huge conglomerate of a political party would truly be a leader for Malaysia.

1Malaysia in name and practice.

Bagan Pinang has shown that people can be forgiving of your faults if (and this is a BIG if) you can take care (even if it is the mere outward manifestation) of their needs.

Macro politics, or as some politicians are wont to say: the Big Picture.

By consolidating all the parties under a single political organization, Najib will be able to swiftly put a kick in the behind any upcoming Pakatan Rakyat coalition come-together.

The time is ripe for such a mega merger anyway, as some components of Barisan Nasional are very much in political limbo now.

Just think about it.

A whole list of has-been politicians can thus be elevated to Chairmans of inconsequential Quangos, or given senatorship to helm likewise inconsequential posts, something along the lines of Minister for Inter Race Relational Harmonics and Neighborliness.

Or something likewise.

Instead of each component having its own Central Working Committee – and correspondingly, their own respective interests and race-centric needs – Najib should decide on having a single CWC comprising of all the CWCs combined.

One truly big and (now provable) happy family.

No more bitching about being subservient to another party. That particular bullshitting stops as everything would have to be thrashed in the open.

So what if Umno is perceived as a Malay-centric, populists, political entity beyond reprimand.

Heck, if this single entity (the consolidated Barisan Nasional) can undo the never ending political bitching that we are currently indulging in and steer the country towards the greatness that it could and should, so be it.

There will be no more race-centric decisions and policies as without consensus, this mega CWC would not work.

Barisan Nasional has always trumpeted its consensus politics anyway, so such a direction would be child’s play, if not easier.

Let’s face it: if BN wish to come out as a single entity hell bent on creating a successful Malaysia for every Malaysian, it can do so.

In fact, it had such a vision once upon a time.

Right now, Umno is literally carrying the banner of the Barisan Nasional on its own; Uncle Sam’s claim of the Indian community returning to roost notwithstanding.

Isa Samad is the Barisan Nasional that (apparently) people want to see.

Someone acceptable by Ahmad, Ah Meng, Raju, Salmah, Siew Ling and Ramani, checkered past and warts notwithstanding.

Without the hindrance of so many conflicting interests represented by its multitude of components parties, there is no longer thus a need to play the racial card.

Perish such racists’ thoughts.

People will know that their interests are catered for by this mega, multi racial, multi interests CWC.

So what if some of the personalities within are suspect in both quality and morality?

The combined push-pull effect of the CWC will rein these AHs in.

Anyway, the past few events last week (MCA EGM, Bagan Pinang, Makkal Sakthi formation) have shown that morality is the least of people’s concerns anyway.

Flamboyance, charm, deep pockets matters more, really.

No one is perfect. Isa Samad is one such politician, and in a democracy, majority rules.

O(he-who-is-the-perceived-hero-in-the-PKFZ-saga)TK found this out the hard way when he was no-confident voted by his fellow party delegates.

So why bother looking for the unblemished?

Why not just have in place a set up that allows these blemished to work FOR us?

After all, one can daydream, can we not?

Defender of the Universe?

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