Friday, 14 August 2009

Metaphoric Simile

I find it most perplexing that the government is not taking clear decisive action over the PKFZ scandal especially since it involves public funding.

There were allegations of fraud and conflict of interests, and yet to date, all the personalities concerned are still running around pretty.

Not even a Mareva Injunction (freezing of assets).

Big Fat Nothing.

Nada. Yilek. Nahi. Jack Shit.

What gives?

The accused parties (of course they are innocent until proven guilty – and when will such proceedings take place is anyone’s guess really) are happily trading challenges with the Port Klang Authority and the Transport Minister himself.

It is as if the latter is all alone in running the gauntlet.

Yes, it’s true that the Parliamentary Account Committee is also in the thick of action, but really, it is somewhat duplicating everything that has transpired between then and now on the scandal.

The highest authoritative, administrative body in the land has done but a single thing: giving the green light to the release the first PKFZ report.

That was last May and the saga dubbed “never ending” by The Edge continues with no end in sight.

Let’s not start on MACC. Please.

The money involved is not chicken feed.

Why isn’t there any sense of urgency?

Wallowing is good in making a damn great soup, but far too much of it would breed maggots.

(I know it’s a crappy simile, but what the heck.)

Had PKA been a private entity, we (as in the people) would not give Jack Shit on whatever Capex deals it goes into.

Impunity is a good word to learn here.

On the side, the National news agency has managed a few gems in news snippets these few days.

The last was on H1N1, masturbation and homosexual activities.

Today it’s something on Bollywood heartthrob, and one of Malacca’s favorite son, Shah Rukh Khan, and the state Chief Minister.

Here’s what the latter was quoted as having said:
"He (Khan) has a lot of experience in acting and movie production. He has given us his blessings, I hope he can give lectures and share his knowledge with us," added Mohd Rustam."

Do read the above in the context of “establishing a film studio in Malacca to develop talents for the Malaysian movie industry” and agreeing “to do one or two shoots for his new movie Happy New Year in Malacca later this year.”

Khan apparently hosted “special dinner at his residence in posh Banjara Hills in Mumbai” for Mohd Rustam.

There’s more:
“He served the best Indian cuisine including briyani and thosai. I must say Malaysian (food) tasted 20% less good than original Indian food."

Didn’t know taste is quantifiable.

All the same, there seem to be some good measure of reverence to the Khan at play here from both the quotee (heh) and the one doing the news.

Lost in translation, perhaps?

All the same, thank you for the smile, Bernama.

Bollywood heartthrob, Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan

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