Thursday, 31 July 2008

Vincent Van "Cut my Earlobe" Gogh has another woman.

Is it the left or the right ear?

As an artist, Vincent Van Gogh stood out from his compatriots in being way too tortured a soul. This reflected in his pieces, all of which are vibrant, soulful and utterly reckless in composition.

Van Gogh was one of my earlier art discovery, and his life makes very good reading of what the life the past greats lead. It has been a while since I re-read the book I have on him (cheap sale, so it was something I could afford) but this piece discovered far more recently, was most probably a design sketch. It slips my mind, by if I am not mistaken, the dull, monotone, paintings are Van Gogh's earlier works which were not among his best.

Unlike most artists, Van Gogh's art represented his thoughts and interpretration. It might not look as good as, say Georges Seurat's A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte (my opinion, at least), there is a certain hard core and guttural emotional attraction to the Dutchman's art work.

Lovers of Jeffery Archer's short story should find some comparison in the Van Gogh's brothers with the latter's own "Chalk and Cheese" in "To Cut A Long Story Short" except for the sheer tragedy in the real life tale of Vincent and Theo.

Picture that makes you want to dwell into the stories behind them. What could be better than this?