Sunday, 8 July 2007

If you come in here thinking this will be yet another Bash the establishment blog, do click off.

Whatever is said in blogs of the state we are in is best left as is. I've done with rotting my brain with rusts reading a whole lot of bloody bitching and whining and whatever else and seeing blank.

Blank as a newcomer's blogspace.

That's equally the state of my mind currently, but I have to start somewhere.

Can't be like The Malay Male who has shown there is a certain measure of eloquence even in vulgarities. Much as I want to be a writer extra-ordinaire like the poor shmuck, I'd only come across as a poor imitation. (Much like the loads of stuffs coming from China sold a dime a whole trailer load).

No. I shall make this blog a space for me to indulge myself in some good old fashion writing.

Next up will be the start of a multi - parter novella of sorts. I am not pretending that I know the particular genre its going to be, or even if I'm going to finish it. Tried once. Chucked it aside as soon as I read it again. Everything sucks - from the storyline right down to the characters.

Third rate allright.

BUT since this space is pretty much free, I shall indulge in a post orgy of third rate writing where the characters will be one-dimensional and as wooden as the laminating floor which I am pretty much eyeing to buy but never having enough moolah to actually do so.

BUT it will not be today. Maybe tomorrow, maybe the next. Third rate or not, it still requires some thinking lest what ever goes in this blog is pure crap and garbage and not even worthy of the high ideals of turdrateism.

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